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Boku Super Food

Boku Super Food


While I’m always trying to eat right sometimes my resolve gets weak, like at the end of the week, like after happy hour.  It’s funny how a couple of Mojitos and Martinis can make nachos look healthy.  Nutritionists do say in order to get all your vitamins you should eat a variety of colors and the nachos did come with the red, yellow and blue chips…Plus once you add the melted orange cheese…Ok, after enough rainbows of gluttony I decided to try and undue, or at least patch-repair, some of my past (or let’s be honest– ongoing) nutritional damage with Boku Super Food.


I was surprised to feel some results immediately.  I felt clear headed and energetic, without being jittery.   According to the literature I’ve read on the Boku Super Food website more long term healthy internal results should be forthcoming.  


If you want to give Boku Super Food a try and you haven’t previously eaten as it’s called “nutritional greens” there are some things you should be aware of. 


In my past attempt at greens I gave wheat grass shots a try.  Wow.  I was not a fan. To me it tasted and felt like I imagined lawn clippings in a blender would.  Expensive lawn clippings! And as far as results… Who knows?  I couldn’t stop gagging long enough to tell.  I tried to put the expensive lawn clippings in a favorite smoothie at a juice-smoothie shop; basically I just ruined my favorite smoothie.


But back to Boku Super Food, it’s not like wheat grass shots—but it is green.  I mean really, really, green.  So when you do mix it in a smoothie be aware your smoothie is going to be a deep green.  It also has a distinctive, but not unpleasant scent.  It’s unique.  However, what I was pleased to find is mixed in a banana smoothie, my banana smoothie still tasted like a banana smoothie.  It did taste like there were probably some more nutrients in there as well—but no grass clippings!  I was also successful in mixing it in a strawberry smoothie.  I shared it with a couple of “picky” eaters and once they got past the color they also gave it a thumbs up.


I had some questions about the product and called the company. I was very pleased to speak with people that are friendly and extremely knowledgeable about their foods.  The woman I spoke with said the product doesn’t mix as well with acidic drinks.  I tried it anyway—and she was right.  But I still drank it ‘cause by this point in the week I was addicted to doing something good for my body.  Haven’t quite given up my other addictions yet–but I figure at least I’m starting to balance them out!

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  • As an alternative, try Naked Juice’s Green Machine. I drink a glass of that in the morning for breakfast. It tastes amazing and has so many good-for-you green stuff in it.

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