Live Off the Grid in an EcoCapsule

ecocapsule homes
Written by Gary

Ecocapsules will allow anyone to live off the grid for up to a year.

ecocapsule homes

It may be too soon to say this, but I think we may need a few Ecocapsules in Texas right now. Designed by Bratislava-based designers Nice Architects, Ecocapsules are tiny modular homes that come complete with solar panels, a retractable wind-turbine, and an eco-friendly design that captures and collects rain water. The Ecocapsule was designed with a range of applications in mind, from traveling the world, to temporary housing for disasters, and even usage as an independent research station.

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Inside the capsule there is a kitchenette with running water, a flushing toilet, a hot shower, a desk/workspace, and a bed that sleeps two. The idea is that you can take this thing anywhere in the world and live up to a year without the outside world.

Sounds like paradise, no?

ecocapsule homes

ecocapsule homes

ecocapsule homes

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