For Lazy Travelers: Some Thoughts on Escalator Etiquette

unique escalators
Written by Gary

Some thoughts on escalators, for those people too lazy to take the stairs, but not patient enough to wait for the elevator.

unique escalators

I don’t know about other places, but in New York, there is such a thing as escalator etiquette. Escalators attract a unique type of person, because they aren’t as quick as the stairs, but they require less effort. Unlike elevators (in the subways) they aren’t tightly packed, un-air conditioned mobile torture chambers that smell like homeless piss and boob sweat. If you want to be as efficient and quick as possible, you actually walk up the escalator, so you get the benefits of both the exercise, and time saved.

In New York, when you hop on an escalator you know that the people who want to stand there lazily move to the right, and those who are in a rush and don’t feel like staring at some tourist’s ass for 5 minutes continue along up the left.

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There is always one person on the escalator who doesn’t know this. That person always gets a gruff “excuse me” from people like me, who believe escalator etiquette should be taught along-side creationism in grade school.

To remind you to always obey the unspoken escalator rules, here are five unique escalators from around the world.

unique escalators

Shanty town escalator, Colombia because all this town’s money went to catering to lazy people.

unique escalators 

Bike escalator in Norway, because San Francisco.

unique escalators 

Underwater escalator in Taiwan, because Asia always has to one-up everyone.

unique escalators 

World’s shortest escalator in Japan, because of fat Floridian tourists.

unique escalators 

Neon crisscross escalator in Russia, because Russia is the world leader in tackiness.

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