Evolution in Progress: 3 Boob Woman

Written by Bryce

3 boobed woman in Florida is the real deal, says Internet.

This is America, where more is more… and we’re not just about to sit back and wait for evolution to come to us. No, we go out there and hustle till evolution is wrangled gloriously in a single generation. Take this real American hero, Jasmine Tridevil, for a moment. She’s a Florida girl (obviously), who knows that two boobs are just too lame- 3 boobs are where the evolution party’s at.

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She recently had a third boob added surgically to her chest, and we suspect it’s because she knows that when rapture comes, Darwin will come looking for her as the sole (soul?) survivor of an otherwise doomed human race.

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Also, she wants to show you how you can get a job… she’s sick of 20-somethings being whiny and unemployed. Win for humanity.

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