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Exciting Beauty News Du Jour

Written by Bryce

In our ongoing quest to bring you the latest and greatest beauty news, we’re excited to tell you that this week’s beauty news is dedicated to a few of our tried and true fave brands for the past bajillion years (yeah, that long).

1. Herbal Essences Body Wash. We all grew up on the shampoo, and it’s as ingrained in our beauty DNA as anything else. Now there’s a collection of smells-like-how-you-image-fairies-might-smell body washes that’ll leave you fresh, and with plenty of cash to spare.

2. Wildest Mascara EVER. OK, have you ever seen a mascara, er, “tube” look like this? Nope, us neither. AVON went ahead and reinvented the wheel (go, girl!) with this paint brush-esque mascara that literally takes your lashes from zero to infinity in one or two swipes. If you’re into trying new beauty products, this Mega Effects Mascara by AVON is totally worth a shot. Available here.

3. Photo Finish? Yes, Please! Basically, anything that suggests taking better photos with ease is something that appeals to us in our social media-addicted offices, and this Smashbox primer doesn’t disappoint. It’s like pure velvet going on the skin, gently illuminates skin without the trashy shine effect, and keeps makeup in check for hours longer than you might expect.¬† Available here.

And, for a surprising addition:


4. Can’t Help But Love Kelp. Aveeno’s been getting spunky and adding seaweed extracts to their Pure Renewal shampoo line. You get added vitamins, hydration, and sulfate-free cleansing that leaves even color treated hair mega, silky smooth. Available just about everywhere.


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