Beyoncé’s Power Will Make You Surrender

Written by Casey

They don’t call Beyoncé “The Queen” for nothing.

Beyoncé is getting some attention about her “power trip” this past weekend, which occured during her performances at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. I personally, have no problem with it.

Before Beyoncé performed “Naughty Girl” from her album Dangerously In Love (2003) a sexy Beyoncé voiceover accompanied footage the Queen dancing in a chair. “This gift can give you power,” Beyonce teased. “What will you do with this power? Would you let go? Would you surrender? I can make you surrender.”

Now lets assume this form of power comes with the high of the energy of performance and from the emotional honesty of the moment; everyone says that a music high is real, right?

Regardless, I will surrender to anyone who dances like this…

sings like this…

moves like this…

smiles like this…

and looks like this…

Images via I Am Beyonce

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