Exfoliating Your Face With Diamonds Is Very Chanel

I exfoliate every morning. Why? Because I love to look radiant. I want my best skin. Unfortunately, I’ve never exfoliated with diamonds. Sure. I’ve rolled around in a tub of diamonds on occasion, but who hasn’t? When I used to play with my mother’s diamonds, I never thought of using them to rub on my face. However, Chanel and Dr. Wechsler have. Thank our lucky stars for Chanel!


Dr. Wechsler has teamed up with Chanel beauty for this new treatment. Here’s what happens: it’s a new microdermabrasion treatment that involves a mini-vacuum and diamond encrusted tip (haha diamond encrusted tip!). The whole process reportedly takes 15 minutes (and doesn’t hurt at all) and removes all the nastiness from your skin. I’ve rubbed diamonds across my face before and it wasn’t comfortable but it wasn’t pleasant. Dr. Wechsler had this to say about exfoliating with diamonds “I chose the DiamondTome systems over the other systems that have particles and sand because I never liked those. I found them messy, and those granules would get in people’s hair, and it was not a pleasant experience, and it even hurt. The diamond-encrusted wand exfoliates without damaging the skin.”

One test-dummy who received the treatment claims that she had to use less blush the day after. I have not received this treatment. Do I want to? Of course I do. One time, I used a cleanser with gold leafs in it. I felt like Beyonce all damn day. I was Beyonce. Everyone else was Kelly Rowland. I’m open to all this new beauty that’s happening. But I wonder if it’s really new at all. You know Marie Antoinette had some flawless skin — did she just rub diamonds all across her face?


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