Expert Tips: How To Acheive A Dewy Glow

Written by Ashley

Renée Rouealu gives us the skinny on revamping your skincare routine.

Are you longing for that fresh faced, rosy complexion of the schoolyard days? Yup. Me also.  Facials, exercise & a skin care regiment worthy of an Army seal are still no match, however, for the trials & tribs of free-radicals, stress, aging & hard-partying city life.

But, shout outs are in order to living skincare legend, Renée Rouleau, for steering us in the direction of functional beauty. [Tip: If you’re caught up in the Royal Wedding hoopla, this is the beauty treatment for you.]

Rouleau says to use a facial scrub “three times a week. Avoid scrubs containing apricot kernels or walnut husks, as they can be too irritating to the skin. Instead, use micro-beadlets as a gentler way to polish away dry skin cells.” Her other tips… and I quote:

  • Avoid smoking. Cigarette smoke is a major contributor of toxins to the body, and can deplete oxygen, slow down circulation, and decrease the amount of fresh blood supply that can get to the skin.
  • A few times a day, gently pinch your skin! Notice how it gives your skin an instant glow.
  • When applying moisturizer, put your hands in a fist and use your knuckles to massage skin for 60 seconds. This helps to gently stimulate blood flow to the skin to bring new nutrients to the skin cells – and a glow!
  • When choosing makeup colors, always select colors with cool undertones (pinks, mauves, plums, and blues). If you use colors with warm undertones (peaches, browns, khaki greens, and golds), this will enhance yellowness, making the skin appear more sallow. The same guidelines apply with clothing colors.

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