You May Not Know Everything About Facials Oils

Written by corey

You’ve been told from a very young age to keep the oils off your face. You know when you started hitting that awkward age and breaks out were all the rage? We all dried out our skin with astringents and random acne medications to the point where a smile would actually hurt. But did you know facial oils aren’t all that bad? Seriously.

For one, oils don’t cause breakouts. If you’re using healthy fats and oils, it prevents skin damage and breakouts. Nuts, seeds and olives all provide Omegas (fatty acids). If you’re stripping away oil from your skin, your skin will overproduce and that results in the breakouts. You may be afraid that using facial oil will make you look all shiny. You’re in luck! If you’re using a good oil, it should absorb right into your skin. You need to look into the base oils and avoid mineral oils no matter what. Steer clear of these: jojoba, meadowfoam, argan, apricot or almond.Β 

Did you also know that these oils will keep you looking younger? The best thing about oils is that they’re multi-taskers! While most facial products are water-based, oils aren’t. This allows the oils to be untainted botanical oils that allow for additional actives to provide a hefty amount of nutrients, fatty acids, antioxidants or free radical scavengers.

So you can throw all of those myths out the window! You should really be looking into a good facial oil that can provide you with all these benefits. While you’re at, schedule a good facial, the kind that hurts.


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