The 5 Worst Ways to Break Up With Someone

I know I write a lot about breakups, but that’s because I have dumped so many guys that I have a lot of experience with it. Just like giving a blowjob, there is a wrong way, and a right way to break up with someone.

bad breakup tips

I always think that being honest is the best way, but I will be the first to admit that I have taken the easy way out  on more than one occasion, and left a few guys feeling like their still-beating hearts were ripped out of their chests. So if you are thinking about getting rid of some dead weight, take my advice and avoid the following tactics, for the sake of your eternal soul and of course, relationship karma:

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  • Hi, Gary. Like your post today. Makes quite a bit of sense, but what suggestions do you have when an older man tells a female that he has had two affairs, but didn’t want to tell me because he didn’t want to lose me as a friend?!?! I’ve done all I can to just let him go and have been able to stay away from him pretty much physically for 2-1/2 years, but recently he called my house phone checking in with me.

    You being a guy, why is it so hard for this guy I’m referring to, to not be upfront with me? More than once he has said he thought I wasn’t telling him the truth, but I’m a pretty straightforward woman and not the type to sleep around. Was married for 22 years and that marriage ended up with the death of my husband. Have 4 beautiful, grown children and five grandchildren. My adult children do not want this guy around me, so is there any way a woman can be friends with a guy, yet get it across to him that is all they can handle from him? He had put his hands around my throat back in 2009 in a utility closet at the hospital I was volunteering at, so I had to cut back seeing him.

    The main reason I am asking you these questions is this guy is the type of person who doesn’t mind telling lies on women or at least on me. I’ve gone through the police, etc. to ask some questions to keep myself safe, but didn’t want to change my phone numbers due to having a couple disabled adult children who have memorized my house phone number. Changing my house number would just cause quite a bit of issues.

    Thanks for listening. I don’t mean to sound dumb or immature, but just wondered if being outright blunt is the only way to handle a chameleon like this guy. He can be so kind, thoughtful, etc., but he enjoys playing around with other women (I found out the hard way) and would rather tell others that I am the slut, rather than accept the fact that he is the type of man who needs more sexual encounters than I do.

    Wishing you and your staff a Happy New Year!

    • I think you should break it off with this guy, even if you have to do it via text message or email. Be as blunt as you can. And then go on OKCupid or and find someone who knows how to keep his hands and genitals to himself. And stay away from utility closets! Happy New Year

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