Russian Photographer Shows Real Life Fairytales

You’d be lying to yourself if you say that you didn’t want to live in a fairytale. You want a fairytale wedding. You want a fairytale man. You even want fairytale parents (the good kind). After a good heartache and an overdraft fee, we all quickly realized that fairytales just don’t exist. Or do they?


A Russian photographer,┬áKaterina Plotnikova, has taken it upon herself to create what seems like a fairytale in her photos. By using a selection of delicate models and naturally wild animals, the Russian talent has been able to achieve what many of us can only hope for. As the beauties get paired with wild animals, you get a real sense of beauty. You’re easily exposed to the natural beauty of a woman and the beauty of nature.

For more of Katerina’s work, visit her Facebook page.


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