Fashion Crave: Aron & Hirsch

Written by Casey

Aron & Hirsch cat rings

I recently came across the most gorgeous and delicate cat shaped rings from the luxury jewelry brand, Aron & Hirsch. When I looked into their brand a bit further I found out how truly talented their designers are in creating countless rings made from 18k gold, rhodium, black diamond, white diamond, emerald, ruby and sapphire.

The creations of Sandra Aron and Taísa Hirsch are delicate and combine the traditions of old world craftsmanship with a contemporary style and a feminine spirit. The brand proposes alternative ways of wearing jewelry, shifting emphasis on to unfamiliar parts of the body. Like rings to be worn singly or in groups on the upper joint of the finger or on the toes and a hand bracelet that fits on the top of the hand, and over the palm.

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