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Fashion Crave: Proenza Schouler’s Neon Handbag

Written by Casey

Proenza Schouler has us craving their neon satchel for Spring!

No one prepared me for this dramatic climate shift in NYC this past week. But what did get me rather more excited than usual, was when I put my black heavy leather school bag in the closet and started using some of my more colorful Spring bags. They were lighter and more aesthetic pleasing and it just made me feel so happy about the Spring Season. I suggest you all try ditching your big heavy winter bags for something maybe a bit smaller and colorful. Low and behold… the PS1 Proenza Schouler Satchel, (available at Bergdorfs for $1,595.00).

Because I am a college student, and I can’t really pull off that whole NYC tiny cross-shoulder bag because I am constantly running around the city with my notebooks and the occasional laptop when needed. I am a girl that believes bags must serve a function. They have to be able to fit the most crucial things i.e. keys, wallet, makeup, work papers, and/or school books. This bag totally supports my notion and looks amazing too! This bag is the perfect combination of work and play. For the working girl who is focused on the importance of what the bag looks like is just as important as what we need to put inside of it. It is beautiful and vibrant, but also big enough that it can hold what I need it to.

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