Feeling down? Make a Sassy Green-Tea-ni!

Written by Anna

I’m a big fan of combining antioxidants with alcohol:  if you’re going to drink anyway, might as well have something remotely good for you!   From my special Green-Tea-ni you’ll get natural energy and antioxidants of green tea, and all kinds of goodness from the acai berries that are said to improve digestion, help detox (yeah, vodka detox) and improve sexual performance.

green tea and vodka

Here is what I did with the Village Tea Sassy Green Tea with Acai:

Anna’s Sassy Green-Tea-Ni

Step 1: Infuse vodka with green tea: steep a tea bag with about 2 teaspoons of tea in about a cup of vodka, the longer the better.  You can use a mason jar, or pour the loose leaves into the bottle and then strain. Mine steeped for a week.

You can make a whole batch – green tea vodka is seriously great in cocktails.

Step 2: Make simple syrup, but with honey instead of sugar.  Mix 2 parts water and 1.5 parts honey and mix thoroughly.

Step 3: Mix 2 oz infused vodka, 1 oz honey syrup and 1/2oz fresh lemon juice and shake over ice.  You can add a splash of soda water to taste.

Garnish with a thin slice of peach to pick up those subtle dried-peach notes from the tea.

I’ll be serving this all throughout the holidays.


P.S. Unfortunately, I drank my martini before I thought to take a picture. If you use my recipe, do me a favor, snap one? 😉

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