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julia landauer
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We’re all guilty of checking our Instagram profiles just about anytime there’s a lull in the day, and while we’re enjoying the barrage of beauty trends, #fashioninspo, surreal pink beaches with carefully posed influencers, we should probably all delve a little deeper. Life is too short not to find inspiration in every nook and cranny on the Internet, Instagram included.

We rounded up a few of our favorite female executives moving and shaking both their businesses and social worlds. They’re presented in no particular order, of course, and if you feel like we missed someone great, feel free to comment below.

Michelle Fang

michelle fang

Michelle Fang of Turo

A boss in both the technology and legal realms, Michelle Fang has nearly 20 years of experience navigated cutting edge legal challenges to help drive business growth from Fortune 100 companies to startups, including eBay, StubHub, NBC Universal and Turo. She’s currently serving as Chief Legal Office for Turo, a peer-to-peer car sharing marketplace that does for cars what Airbnb does for homes, putting the world’s 1.2 billion cars to better use, Fang is vocal and passionate about encouraging diversity in the law and tech industry. 

After Paul Weiss, one of the country’s most prominent and profitable law firms, released a collage of its all white new partners (with only one female) Michelle Fang took action and spearheaded an open letter that called for more diversity in law, which garnered national attention.

Bozoma Saint John

Think women can’t be incredibly powerful and fashion-forward? Think again, and then follow Bozoma on Instagram, one of the many places she shines brightly.

She is the current CMO at William Morris Endeavor after previous executive-level stints at Uber and Apple Music. She’s made just about every list of empowering female disruptors we can think of, and gives some great ‘gram while changing the way we think of major brands entering the realms of music and entertainment.

Julia Landauer

julia landauer

Here’s a dose of good news — General Motors (GM) became the first automotive company to have a female CEO and CFO (only the second Fortune 500 company to do so), and Aston Martin named its first female president in its 105-year history. Despite these mighty accomplishments, women only represent a quarter of the automotive workforce. Julia Landauer has created her own lane in the boys club world of NASCAR, breaking down stereotypes and winning championships since she was 14. She’s better than Marisa Tomei in My Cousin Vinny, and we’re here for it.


Julia has amassed dozens of wins in many different racing series, while also graduating from Stanford, being selected as an honoree for the Forbes 30 Under 30 list, and advocating for STEM education and women’s empowerment.

Heather Marianna

When Heather isn’t whipping up new creations for her all-natural skincare and bath line, Beauty Kitchen, by Heather Marianna, she’s a community activist supporting those in need with donated toiletries (she’ll help you kiss dry skin and fungal acne goodbye with organic ingredients). She recently got back from a 21 day self-funded trip to impoverished countries where she brought necessary toiletries and worked hand-in-hand with local villages and communities. She has also makes generous product and monetary donations to non-profits including St Jude’s, Nevada partnership for homeless youth, The LGBT Center of Los Angeles and Shade Tree of Las Vegas.


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She also pays for gym memberships of all her employees to ensure they’re cared for emotionally, financially, and physically.

Amy Wright

While you can’t follow Amy herself on Instagram (she’s seemingly too humble for that), you can definitely follow her personal voice through her brand, Bitty & Beau’s Coffee on Instagram. What sets Amy and her coffee apart in a very crowded field? Her determination to be #notbroken by Down Syndrome and change the world while she’s at it. She’s an advocate for disabled people, was named 2017 CNN Hero of the Year, and employs dozens of people with physical and intellectual disabilities at her Wilimington, North Carolina coffee shop. In fact, she’s so passionate about her cause that she opened the shop entirely to give disabled adults gainful employment, healthy social interaction, and the feeling of being “normal.” Through this, she’s taught the community and wider world around her store the value of inclusivity.

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