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This Female Tech Entrepreneur is Changing the Way You Buy Bras

Written by Bryce

The way you buy bras is shifting thanks to Orit Hashay, a female tech entrepreneur with eyes on making your boobs much happier.

When you combine the words “tech entrepreneur” and “boobs” you hardly imagine software the rewrites the code on how to properly fit and buy bras. If you were thinking of something worse, get your mind out of the gutter, because female tech tycoon Orit Hashay is making the world a perkier place for women in tech and breasts in general.

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Watch out Victoria’s Secret, Orit says her startup, is coming for you — and soon. As the CEO of Brayola, Hashay has dedicated herself to solving real problems facing women today and simplifying the process of finding the perfect bra through crowdsourced algorithms and a data system. Finally, technology is helping us look and feel better in our clothes. If you’re wondering how exactly Hashay is able to do this, you’ll have to look to her 15 years of experience in software development and her track record with Israel’s most successful wedding platform,, which she coded herself. How’s that for feminism — coding, entrepreneurial blood in her veins, and lingerie.

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Now, at four years old, Brayola serves mostly American women struggling to find a proper fitting bra without the hassle of embarrassing store measurements, spillage, cut-off circulation, or even just the dreaded droopy-boob look that happens as we all age (it’s a part of life, isn’t it?).


She shared with us that her company was born when she was pregnant with her first child, and shopping for a new bra was extremely frustrating. “During pregnancy and breastfeeding, the breasts go through a significant amount of changes and the in-store experience can be imposing and very uncomfortable.” Moms around the world can relate to that, and we all know the way you buy bras changes with each decade of life.

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Using her frustration as inspiration, Orit made it her mission to solve this bra shopping experience for millions of women everywhere, and especially for women who generally have a hard time finding their size in stores or online, by crowdsourcing fit and comfort data, and then recommending bra picks to consumers ranging from $10 to $1,000, and cup sizes range from A to N — there’s literally something for everyone. Everything from exciting, artsy lingerie collections to basic t-shirt bras exist within easy reach on the site. It’s this positive fit and shopping experience that is appealing to a wide array of women who simply don’t have time to shop in stores, the mental stamina to put up with the often-grueling and emotional fit process, or the cash to walk into a high end store where fittings are even offered that have helped Brayola grow from 11 to 50 employees in just a few years. Currently the platform is being used by 5 million women, and approximately 10 million breasts.



The goal, obviously, is to streamline the process of the way you buy bras. Bypassing potentially humiliating open-air fittings, time-consuming mall trips, and the general discomfort of the experience sounds like the best way to start. One small step for breasts, one giant leap for womankind.

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