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Five Maternity Accessories Every Preggers Woman Doesn’t Need

In case you didn’t know, pregnancy is a bitch. If you have never gone through it before, you are probably pretty clueless about what accessories you need to keep your baby alive and kicking. If you already have kids, you probably figure you screwed up a few times on the first go round, which is why you two-year-old insists on calling you by your first name, and maybe you want to do it the right way this time around. So, I scoured the world wide web to find five unnecessary maternity accessories for the lady who is eating, and emoting, and eating for two.

Maternity accessories

Maternity Lingerie– Women have told me before that being pregnant makes them super horny. Men have told me that they find pregnant women incredibly arousing. Since you are already pregnant, the worse that could happen has already occurred, so it’s basically not only a sexual free-for-all, but you also can save money on condoms. Still, someone felt that maternity lingerie was not only appropriate, but important.

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