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Five Reasons Your Boobs are Sagging

reasons boobs sag
Written by Gary

If your breasts are sagging, these five habits may be to blame.

reasons boobs sag

I, like every other red-blooded woman out there, don’t ever want my boobs to sag. I personally have a great relationship with my breasts and enjoy them at the current altitude where they reside. Since I’m actually a guy this goal is probably a lot easier for me to maintain, but I stumbled across these five habits that can cause sagging breasts, so I thought I would share the wealth of knowledge.

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Dieting-I know you want to be skinny and glamorous, but when you lose a ton of weight in a short amount of time or yo-yo diet, your breasts are bound to feel the effects. Losing weight gradually, over time is a more tit-friendly solution.

Smoking– Smoking ages skin, and boobs are made of skin, which rest on top of your lungs, which are probably also aging at a more rapid rate. Any questions?

Sunlight– I know the sun is pretty hard to avoid, but you should wear sunblock on your tatas at all times, because that ball of gas in the sky causes stretching of collagen, i.e. saggy jugs.

Bad bras– I know a good bra is kind of hard to come by, but the less room your boobs have to move around, the better chance you have of remaining perky.

Running– Its pretty obvious that your boobs bouncing up and down at a rapid rate is probably going to cause some drooping at some point. So invest in a really good sports bra if you want your ladies flying high for a few more years.

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