Five Weird Islands

weird islands
Written by Gary

Five weird islands so wild, you’ll plan a visit.

weird islands


I have always been kind of fascinated with weird islands, ever since I was a little gay boy that just wanted to run away and start my own civilization with nothing but naked men and the hut from ‘The Blue Lagoon’. P.S. Brook Shields was not invited.

Since I have always enjoyed them, I thought it might be nice to research some weird islands, and I found more than I bargained for. Here are five strange islands, worth visiting if you like weird shit.

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weird islands

Isola La Gaiola, Naples.

Considered cursed, Isola La Gaiola is actually two small islands connected by a bridge. The string of bad luck for its owners since the 1920s includes a dead body wrapped in a rug, a drowned wife, a heart attack, a suicide, a bankruptcy, another suicide, a kidnapping, and a jail sentence. The island is now uninhabited.

weird islands

Okunoshima Island, Japan.

Also known as ‘Rabbit Island’, Okunoshima Island used to be a production site for chemical weapons and poisonous gas. The rabbits were brought to the island to test the gas, but apparently their sex drives were stronger. The gas factories are now derelict, but it is still overrun by a bunch of feral rabbits. So basically, yes, add this to the top of my weird islands list.

weird islands

La Isla de las Munecas, Mexico,

Called ‘The Island of the Dolls’ by locals, the island near Mexico City is believed to be a shrine dedicated to a little girl who died in the canals. The former resident Don Julian used to preach the word of God in the streets, but was beat up so many times (he had no street cred) that he moved to the island and started collecting the dolls to ward off evil spirits and protect the drowned girl. 50 years later, he drowned in the canal too.

weird islands

Christmas Island, Australia.

Christmas Island is almost completely protected as an Australian national park because every year, 120 million red crabs migrate across it from the forest canopy to the ocean to get it on. The male crabs mate in the ocean, then head back to the forest. The females hang out until they spawn, then head back. Thus the circle of life continues. Hakuna Matata.

weird islands

Vulcan Island, Philippines.

Also known as ‘Inception Island’, Vulcan Island is located on a lake in the crater of an active volcano, which is located on Luzon (an island) in the Philippines, which is located in the Pacific Ocean. So Vulcan Island is an island within a lake, within an island, within a lake, within an island in the middle of a huge ocean.

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