Flawless Skin for a Fantabulous Summer

Written by Danielle

With summer upon us, I’m gearing up to shed the layers and flaunt my personal wardrobe staples of sundresses, bermuda shorts, and tank tops – all items of clothing that leave pieces of me exposed that were otherwise bundled up at the height of the winter season. What does this mean for me (and any other self-respecting woman)? My sh*t must be on point! My requirements:

1. Clear skin

Mini-WONDERBAR, 25 gm, $40

Mini-WONDERBAR, 25 gm, $40

A little over a month following my last post about WONDERBAR, I’m still smitten with it’s magical wonder, especially since I’m usually breaking out with summer blemishes around this time every year. With the main ingredients being Heilmoor, an Austrian clay that contains over 700 herbs and plants, and Chlorey’nahre,  “a unique formulation derived from algae” to keep skin looking fresh through enhancing skin cell rejuvenation, it’s a natural skin repairer for that has worked miracles on my skin. A 25mg bar lasted me roughly five weeks, but a much larger bar is also available. Not sold on it quite yet? Word has it that a “Tiny Wonderbar” will be available soon for those who would like to sample!

2. Dry Skin

DriOff Gel by Hill Dermaceuticals, $23.00

DriOff Gel by Hill Dermaceuticals, $23.00

No, not in the icky dehydrated way, but in the “I’m-not-sweating-like-a-cold-beer-in-the-sun” way! I am a chronic sufferer of sweaty summer pits and stinky sneaker feet, and it’s rather embarrassing. T-Shirts get sweated out within ten minutes of putting them on, and taking my shoes off while visiting someone’s home is almost always out of the question if they’re close-toed. So when presented with Dri-Off as a solution, I was actually shocked to find that it works! A new day has dawned, and I can now wear t-shirts without being uber self-conscious! Yay!

3. Protected Skin

EPIONE Full Spectrum Sun Protection (SPF 30), $45.00

EPIONE Full Spectrum Sun Protection (SPF 30), $45.00

I also suffer from SPPD (Seriously Pale Person Disorder), and coming from a family with a handful of skin cancer cases behind them, it is imperative that I give my skin the protection it needs and deserves. Finding a sunscreen to do just that without irritating my sensitive skin isn’t so easy, however. So when I applied EPIONE’s Full Spectrum Sun Protection (SPF 30) cream, I was delighted at the absence of a burning sensation and it’s light feel on my skin. I highly recommend this sunscreen to everyone, because sun damage to your skin is no fun, and this sunscreen offers complete UVA/UVB protection with vitamins!

There you have it, my personal line-up of “must have” beauty products required to stay fresh and presentable for the hot, sunny days ahead of us… enjoy!

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