Christina Applegate: People’s Most Beautiful Person

Written by Steph

People‘s yearly round-up of beautiful people usually bores, but I’m thrilled that Christina Applegate takes the title this year.

Applegate, who was diagnosed with breast cancer last year, is probably one of the most understated actresses to take the number one spot (past picks include Kate Hudson and Drew Barrymore). But who cares? She was KELLY BUNDY, for pete’s sake. And you know how I feel about the Bundy family.

After undergoing a double mastectomy in July, she’s now undergoing reconstructive surgery, but tells People she feels as beautiful as ever.

I’m usually partial to brunettes, but Christina’s comedic timing is flawless and I can’t help but love her. To celebrate, I’d like to share my favorite Christina Applegate moment of all times: The penis song!

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