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Preventative Flu Nasal Spray for Kids Might Save You Some Sniffles

flu fighting nasal spray for kids
Written by Bryce

Preventative flu nasal spray for kids could save you some sniffles

With reports from the CDC this week showing that flu is widespread across the entire East Coast and much of America as a whole, people are desperately looking for additional methods to boost their immunity and ability to fight this nasty, and potentially life-threatening germ. Children, it seems, are at particularly elevated risk for contracting the flu, which is one one doctor says it’s important to keep preventative flu nasal spray for kids on hand till at least spring.

“Children tend to be hit hard by the flu because in some cases their immunity is still developing and they are often in close quarters with others who are exposed to other viruses,” explains Dr. Shilpi Agarwal, a board-certified family medicine physician and author of The 10-Day Total Body Transformation. “They can definitely still get influenza even if they have had the vaccine, but the version that they got tends to be milder and less duration. Nasal sprays can help because they provide moisture in the nasal passages which then improve the barrier for protection against entry.”

Dr. Agarwal suggests keeping flu nasal spray for kids on hand throughout cold weather months to be prepared for flu and flu-like symptoms.

flu nasal spray for kids

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“I recommend patient to use a saline nasal spray, one with xylitol is a good option because this increases protection. Each child should have their own bottle to combat the spread of infection.”

Kids’ Xlear Saline Nasal Spray with Xylitol was developed specifically for children as a drug-free flu-fighting nasal spray that contains xylitol, a natural ingredient known for cleansing and hydration properties. While regular saline sprays are okay in a pinch, a xylitol-inclusive formula can help keep nasal irritation and external contaminants at bay. Pure saline-style sprays, on the other hand, dry out nasal passages and sinuses entirely, leaving discomfort and other potential issues. Flu is known for causing a host of issues aside from obvious high fevers and headaches — bleeding nasal passages and cracked lips are par for the course if you’re not prepared. Xylitol also acts as a cleansing agent to get rid of bacteria and allergens, boosting your child’s chance of a fast recovery.

Aside from nasal sprays, some scientists have theorized the ongoing use of probiotics could protect against developing flu symptoms in people of all ages, which doesn’t surprise us given how effective probiotics are at fighting other common woes like fungal acne and chronic dandruff.

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