Foot Acne? Yes, It Exists

foot acne
Written by Allison

Foot acne exists, people

Is foot acne even a thing? Yes, yes it is. You can get acne just about anywhere on your body (we can blame everything from fungal acne to cystic acne). It’s simply a blocked pore that holds the acne causing bacteria in your skin. That can happen anywhere, even your feet!

foot acne

Other foot issues

First, let’s cover what foot acne isn’t! The feet can have all sorts of dermatological issues such as:

  • Athletes Foot: also called Tinea Pedis is a fungal infection that affects a lot of athletes, believe it or not (and can be treated with these Dead Sea remedies).
  • Contact Dermatitis: This issue can happen anywhere on the body. If you have tried new shoes or socks, or even detergent, you can irritate the skin.
  • Hand Foot Mouth Disease: This is most common in children and presents more like blisters, less like foot acne.
  • Other Foot fungi can look similar to foot acne but are treated much differently.

How to treat foot acne

Foot acne is treated just like any other acne! Everyone knows bacteria contributes to acne, that goes for your feet too. First things first let’s start off with clean socks daily and a fresh pair of socks after exercising. This will help to keep bacteria away from your feet. Also, let’s wear socks with our shoes, shall we? This keeps the bacteria in your shoes (which we know aren’t tossed in with the weekly wash) off your feet.

Next step:

Wash your feet daily, and after exercising. Are you sensing a pattern here? One of the best ways to keep your feet acne free is by keeping the acne causing bacteria off your feet.

Treat your feet:

Wash your feet with an exfoliating, acne busting body wash! Wash your feet daily with a salicylic acid acne wash to help keep your pores clear and to prevent acne from forming. If you can’t beat your foot acne with that, switch to a benzoyl peroxide acne wash which kills the bacteria and helps to reduce inflammation.

Then, dry your feet with a clean towel and put on your clean socks!

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