Freakshakes are the Future of Milkshakes

Written by Gary

Next level milkshakes.

Freakshakes: the next generation of milkshakes have hit New York City.


I am a huge fan of milkshakes. I’m not too much of an ice cream guy, but something about actually drinking ice cream really tickles my fancy. At McDonald’s (I’m a classy gay man from the panhandle of Florida, okay?), the one thing I always attempt to order is an M&M Mcflurry. I say attempt, because you know half the time they lie and say their ice cream machine doesn’t work. But whatever, my point is that I love milkshakes, especially when they are tricked out with all kinds of candy and toppings.

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Freakshakes have been blowing up Instagrams all over New York lately, and if you can’t tell why by looking at the photos, you deserve all the brainfreeze you get. Black Tap in SOHO is where these gorgeous abominations of ice cream originated. The main flavors they offer are cotton candy, cookie, and sweet and salty, however they will make custom creations if asked. They rotate their freakshake menu every so often to keep things fresh, so you never know what sugary confections they will be offering, but the moral of the story is that freakshakes are the future of milk shakes.

Next level thinking like this, is what makes New York City so great.

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