Gaultier Does Fabric

Written by emilyc

You don’t have to be a Laura Ingalls Wilder/Martha Stewart type to appreciate fabrics and want to make things out of them. Jean Paul Gaultier’s new line of fabrics for Lelievre Paris will make any die-hard fashionista feel the need to take to a sewing machine and create a few designer slipcovers. They recently debuted in Paris and New York, and now they’re debuting here. Scroll down to see his luxurious designs, and release your inner seamstress!

Gaultier for Lelievre

gaultier fabric

SAISONS: a soft, romantic landscape

Gaultier fabric

MOUSSON: jacquard in high-def

Gaultier fabric

KILT: tartan gets luxe on cotton velvet

Gaultier fabric

ROCK: the next best thing to getting a tattoo

Gaultier fabric

KOMODO: a fabric celebration of the year of the dragon

Gaultier fabric

ILLUSION: a Gaultier-ified nautical stripe

Gaultier fabric

SKIN: another tattoo in fabric form

Gaultier fabric

CABARET: fishnet becomes fun

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