The Gay Lions of Botswana

gay lions
Written by Gary

Apparently, being a gay lion in Africa isn’t that uncommon.

gay lions

Homosexual behavior has been recording in over 450 species, including flamingos, bison, beetles, warthogs, and obviously humans, since I am basically writing this with a dick in my mouth. Thanks to lawyer and photographer Nicole Cambre, the internet now features the first photos of gay lions mating, and frankly, its about time.

The homo lions were first spotted in the lagoon area of the Kwando Concession in Botswana, southern Africa. Apparently there was a female lioness around too, but they weren’t interested in her, meaning that either she was pregnant, or these two particular lions were too sassy for that hetero BS. According to park officials, the homosexual behavior had been evident for over a week, and isn’t at all uncommon amongst the animal kingdom.

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Say what you will about gay lions, but I feel like if Mufasa had been gay, The Lion King could have ended an entirely different way, and he and Zazu would have ended up in a sensibly decorated beach house off the coast of Madagascar.

gay lions gay lions gay lions

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