Gay UK Students Banned From Acting Like Black Women

gay uk students ban
Written by Gary

A ban from the National Union of Students in the UK forbids gay male students from ‘appropriating black female culture’.

gay uk students ban

Somebody is about to lose their weave for this. I don’t normally report much bat-shit news from the UK, because lets face it, we won a revolution a few hundred years ago that gave me the freedom to totally ignore whatever the hell they’re doing on the other side of the pond. The National Union of Students in the UK however, is giving Asia a run for its money in terms of weird, insane, and downright offensive rules.

The NUS, which is made up of over 600 student groups around the UK, passed around a motion titled: “Dear White Gay Men. Stop Appropriating Black Women,” stating that the behavior of the gays is “unacceptable” and “must be addressed.”

The term ‘what the fuck?’ doesn’t even begin to cover the issues I have with this. First off, gay people, straight people, and yes, even lesbians are free to act however the fuck they want. Second, saying that all gay white men appropriate the mannerisms of “black women” is racist against black women. I live in West Harlem- which is primarily African American. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that not all black women act the same.

Also, if you’re telling gay men how they can and can’t act, you may as well just shut down every single theater in the UK.

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Third, if the NUS has the time and/or inclination to not only respond to this motion, but to pass it, somebody needs to take a serious look at how they are “appropriating” their time and funds.

There are much bigger problems in the world than a gay white male identifying as a “strong black woman,” like famine, plague, and planes crashing into mountains.

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