Get Paid to Move to this Italian Town, Live Happily Ever After

Written by Bryce

You can get paid to move to this charming town in Italy’s Puglia region.

Does this sound like a dream? You can seriously get paid to move, and this may be even better than the time we told you Italy was giving away tale castles for free, because those all required paying taxes and loads of renovation costs. This time, there’s a totally adorable little town in Puglia, Italy that’s willing to pay you literally thousands of dollars to move there. Where’s your new home, you ask? Candela, Italy. Start writing it in cursive so you get the hang of writing your new address and such.

Yeah, you can get paid to move here. Surreal.

The mayor of Candela, Italy is offering about $2,600 USD to anyone willing to relocate from their existing Bumblefack lives to the teeny, tiny town in Puglia. You’re probably wondering if you have to do hard labor or be subjected to ghosts or something, but no, the mayor genuinely will help you get paid to move because his town’s population is declining rapidly and he needs to beef the scene back up — quickly. There’s really no downside, because citizens of Italy as a whole are encouraged to have more sex, so you know you’ll enjoy your new homeland.

Candela was formerly a bustling little village of about 8,000 residents, but in recent years an aging population and the desire for big city life has chipped away at the population, leaving roughly 2,000 people still living there. While all that is sad and stuff, all we hear is a perfect opportunity for introverts to move abroad, FOR FREE, and try their hand at remote freelance work. If you missed the opportunity to get paid to travel, at least strike gold with this.

If you’re wondering what the Puglia region even looks like, let this sink in:

It’s not all fun, games, and free money when you try to get paid to move, though. Candela’s mayor has some serious rules set up, but they seem worth it. The amount of money you’ll be paid varies depending on how many people you’re moving with. Single people get less, people moving to Candela with partners or kids get more. If you want get paid to move and hit top dollar, convince your family to go with you.

The mayor also expects you to get a job or find some level of employment on your own, but you can manage that. You’re a smart cookie.

Puglia, Italy


We say it’s worth it. Tweet some photos at us once you’re all settling in, okay?

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