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Get The Look: Kate Hudson

Written by corey

Kate Hudson has the perfect summer look and we broke it down for you.

Slay. Seriously, Kate Hudson. Slay. You are killing it in this outfit. I’m not really sure where this came from. You are by far my new summer obsession. Kate was seen strutting through the rough streets of New York City in this wonderful outfit. While most people use sidewalks, Kate obviously just walks in the middle of the street because no one can touch this crop-top, leather skirt combo. Keep on movin’ sister!

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While the lovely Miss Hudson went with a cute little tank top crop top, I suggest this adorable short sleeved pocket tee crop top from Topshop. It’s just as sexy but a touch more adorable. Available here.

I love Kate for her leather over-the-knee skirt. She’s just waltzing through these streets without a care in the world. I bet she’s just walking pass stores pointing at things she wants and then buying them. Try this one from Boohoo. Available here.

If you don’t have a sensible all white heel, then you are not living your life correctly. It’s unfortunate because not many girls know the power of a good white pump. This affordable pair from Nine West is perfect. Available here.



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