Get The Look: Rihanna

Written by corey

Get Rihanna’s night on the town look.

While Rihanna may be more known for her off-color comments on Instagram and telling people to “get their money up,” she also has a little cult following around her style. Lately, she’s been hitting the clubs in nothing more than boxers or a nightgown, but she can pull it together when she needs to. Not to mention, she did win a CFDA award for her style.

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We’ll just star with the loose fitted top that Rihanna chose. It works for a night out because depending on how flirty you’re feeling, you can keep that many buttons undone. Available here

Rihanna has some amazing curves that fill out her jeans perfectly. I love a light wash and a little destroyed action for a girl’s night look. Try these skinny jeans from Guess. Available here

Lastly, a heeled sandal always completes a summer night on the town look. As shoes like these tend to be more of a c0me-and-go, rather than a staple, you don’t need to splurge on these. Available here

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