Apparently, Giant Hornets Make Awesome Pets

giant japanese hornet
Written by Gary

Giant hornets are the newest pet trend in Japan.

giant japanese hornet
I am being totally sarcastic in both my title, and headline, so please do not think that you could ever possibly keep a giant hornet as a pet. The Japanese giant hornet is a super aggressive bitch of an insect (one of the largest, angriest insects in the world), at two inches long with a quarter inch stinger. Not only do they look scary, but they can fly up to 25 miles per hour, so you aren’t outrunning them either. At least 40 people die every year from their stings, which attack the central nervous system. Oh yeah, and they bite, too.
A man in Japan however, has claimed that he tamed one and keeps it as a pet. He posts photos of it climbing all over him, even though everyone on Twitter is giving him the bitch please face, thinks he’s faking it and posing with a dead insect (um, grody).


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His twitter name is Mikuru625 if you want to check them out for yourself. I have to admit that his story of catching it with a butterfly net and using tweezers to remove the venom sacs is pretty far fetched.

This fucking bug is so big you would probably need forceps. #Truth.

giant japanese hornet

giant japanese hornet

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