GIF Guide: Why Kourtney & Khloe Are The Real Heroes

Written by corey

Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian are the real heroes of reality television. 

Sure, Kim has Kanye and North. She also has a Vogue cover. But there’s no denying that Kourtney has the cutest kids on all of reality television and Khloe just tells it like it is all day long. I’d like to thank Kourtney and Khloe for providing me with all the laughs that a boy could need.

My motto for everything.

We don’t want no drama!

Confidence is key. 

First thing’s first, I’m the realest.

Always go for the theatrics. 

Whatever, I’m getting cheese fries. 

Bye, bitches!

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Corey is a self-proclaimed heiress and the love child of Anne Boleyn and Marie Antoinette. He's a thug in a cocktail dress with a penchant for open-bars and puns. He has his barista's call him Beyonce and he's never been to Brooklyn.

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