Giveaway Spotting: STREEKERS Temporary Hair Color

Written by Tanner

Let’s go streeking – enter our giveaway to win a bottle of STREEKERS temporary hair color!

Change your hair color as often as Kim Kardashian changes husbands! Streekers create the perfect pop of color that is as temporary as a modern day celebrity marriage. Unlike temporary gels and sprays,  Streekers hair color bonds to strands, allowing hair to be brushed without color dulling or flaking off. So, grab a bottle, whether it’s blue, pink, green, orange, ultraviolet, yellow, red or purple, and let’s go streeking!


Comment below, ‘like’ this page,  tweet us, Facebook us and send us a telefax telling us why you think Kim K’s marriage REALLY ended, and you could be 1 of 10 lucky winners to get a STREEKERS temporary color of your choice ($10.95 value)!

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  • I honestly think that Kim knew all along he was wrong but was jealous maybe cause her sisters are in relationships. Regardless of what ppl say, that family has great work ethics and he certainly didn’t seem to be on the same page. they were bound to break up.

  • ooopfs, forgot to talk about where they wanted to live when they got married. If Kim made nasty remarks about living in Kris’ place in NY (that it wasn’t up to her standards, and she wouldn’t lower her living standards to live in his place) he should have known that there was no way she was going to leave Hollywood for Minnesota, even if he promised to rejuvenate her career with a new sex tape in a few years.

  • Kim is a spoiled little brat. Kris couldn’t keep up with her lifestyle and she wanted a nasty boy not a mama’s boy. He can’t afford her. She probably told him she’s gonna pose for playboy and wanna get back with Reggie Bush. He really looked lost and confused like he really thought they were gonna grow old together. Poor kid. I’m glad she let him loose. He deserves a good woman.

  • The wedding didn’t last because all it was something for Kim and E! to make money off of. The signs were all there during the 2 episode saga!! She knew it was wrong but did it anyways. Maybe she should start listen to her enter dialog and not her handlers. Just a thought.

  • She’s a self-involved woman who has no idea what marriage is really about. The first time she had to put the toilet seat down was probably a revelation to her.

    Follow you on twitter, liked this post, and like you on FB. NOT a fan of Kim.

  • He couldn’t keep up with that kardashian. Plus he was a jerk! But I love The colors. Mood changes just like that fam. I love it! Keep it moving

  • Well, I for one thought it might last a little longer – but I pretty much believe it was done just for added drama to keep the family in the tabloids.

  • Honestly, do not really care as I figure it’s all for the publicity, but I’d love a streeker to put in my daughters Christmas stocking!

  • Marriage ended due to publicity stunt although I just saw the front page of a rag mag that said Kim is preggie and divorce caused by disagreement over the pregnancy so your guess is as good as mine but really who cares?

  • I rec’d an email saying I won and had to have my reply in by today. I just wanted to let you know I emailed back. Yahoo has a way of being lost in the mail. Thanks again. 🙂

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