A Grilled Cheese Donut, and Other Weird Donut Creations

crazy donut combinations
Written by Gary

Crazy donut combinations!

A grilled cheese donut: the combination the world has been waiting for since the dawn of mankind and carbs. #teamwork

crazy donut combinations

I don’t mean to pat myself on the back too hard, but I make a mean grilled cheese. Call it an old family secret if you want, but in my family, we put steak sauce and relish on our grilled cheese sandwiches. In fact, probably the only food I love more than grilled cheese is a donut, so when I found out that someone had combined the two, I obviously had to share it.

Originating in New York (like everything else good in the world), the grilled cheese donut is made by frying an egg with cheese, sandwiching it between two glazed donuts, and grilling the entire thing.It was created by a company called Speak Cheesy, who will be setting up pop-up shops around the city next month. If you want to follow them on Instagram to get all the details, you can do so here.

Also, if you’re feeling really spiritual and grateful for the existence of a grilled cheese donut even being invented in your generation, amen. Praise all of this.

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While we are talking about crazy donut combos though, here are a few more from around the Internet, because I think we all know by now that everything is made better when combined with a donut.

crazy donut combinations

The Cherp Derp. A chocolate donut topped with bacon, bacon-cheddar crickets, and milk chocolate.

crazy donut combinations

Beer Nutz. A chocolate donut filled with Rogue Mocha Porter pastry cream and topped in beer nuts.

crazy donut combinations

Foie Gras. A glazed donut filled with duck or goose liver foie gras and jam. A fave of less sensitive foodies, but sort of concerning in a gross way around here.

crazy donut combinations

The Boss Hog. A donut covered in pulled pork, potato salad, and a honey bbq drizzle. No, no, no, and never.

crazy donut combinations

Pineapple Basil.  A donut filled with basil cream, topped with pineapple glaze and pistachios. Sounds interesting, and I’m open to new things that taste like cocktails.

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