Smooshed Cats are Taking Over the Internet

smooshed cats
Written by Gary

Cats smooshed on glass tabletops.

These cats flattened on glass tabletops will brighten your day.

smooshed cats

I have never understood exactly why The Internet loves cats so much, but I am always happy to jump on the bandwagon when a new cat fad begins. On the off chance that you aren’t a cat person, the one thing you should know is that every cat owner should own a glass top table. The reason for this, is that cats look absolutely hilarious when they are flattened out and smooshed on glass. Not only will a cat smooshed on glass provide hours of entertainment for you personally, but if you manage to snap a pic, your cat could totally become internet famous, since smooshed cats are totally a thing.

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If you’ve ever seen a wet cat, you can probably understand why this is so funny, since cats are mostly made up of 90% hair. When wet or flattened, they take on an entirely different shape, made even funnier by those four adorable little paws.

So if you have a cat, I urge you to take a smooshed cat pic and upload it to Reddit. If you don’t, just enjoy these pictures. If they don’t make you laugh, nothing will.

smooshed cats smooshed cats smooshed cats smooshed cats smooshed cats smooshed cats smooshed cats smooshed cats smooshed cats smooshed cats smooshed cats

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