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Food Matters NYC coming to a door near you!

Meals that were once only available to celebrities is now accessible to everyone thanks to culinary nutritionist Tricia Williams and Food Matters NYC. This month, Food Matters NYC launches their supportive health  food delivery service, which is available throughout Manhattan and the outer boroughs.

Food Matters NYC food delivery service provides an efficient and convenient solution for both families and individuals who are looking to meet their health objectives. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, enhance fertility, improve mental attitude or reduce symptoms from an illness, Williams and her team have a specialized meal plan for you! The plan typically includes: three meals, two snacks, Alkaline water and juices. The food is packaged in stainless steel, while glass bottles are used to hold the water and juices. The containers are then packed into a stylish travel case and brought directly to your home via messenger.

Food Matters NYC is different from other food delivery service by using only hand selected, whole, organic, seasonal and locally grown products. Williams and the Food Matters NYC team work closely with their clients to assess their health needs, goals and tastes. The programs aims to  get people on track with their lifestyle adjustment. When the delivery service is no longer needed, Food Matters NYC offers nutrition counseling, kitchen assessment, pantry stocking and food preparation services to maintain the progress reached via the program. Cost of the program varies on depending on the client needs.

Broccoli Farm Egg Crepe with Sliced Papaya

Broccoli Farm Egg Crepe with Sliced Papaya

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