Introducing the Traveling Napping Tour

napping tour
Written by Gary

Finally, the importance of daily naps is being spread around the country with a napping tour.

napping tour

You can call me lazy if you want, but I take at least one nap every day. For me, a nap is a way to reset my mind, and wake up refreshed and ready to tackle whatever it is that I need to tackle (whether that is writing 30 articles, or trying to be charming on a late night date). Back when I worked full-time, I even worked my daily naps into my work schedule.

My boss saw how productive I was after a 25-minute nap (obviously more productive than nodding off at my desk every 5 minutes), and even encouraged me to take my nap break. For those of you who think I am lazy, I don’t drink coffee, so give me a freaking break, so I can take a freaking nap.

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Even though it is an advertising strategy, the company Casper is taking a nap tour all over the country, with mobile napping pods that feature their mattress. I know their goal is to get people talking about their mattresses, but my goal is to get people talking about naps. Seriously. Take a 25-minute nap. As long as you fall asleep for even 5 minutes, I promise you will wake up feeling totally rejuvenated.

If taking a public nap sounds right up your alley, you can see the whole list of tour dates HERE.

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