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Health Benefits of Juniper Berries

Written by andy

Find out what these amazing little berries can do…

If you’re looking for an AMAZING herbal remedy to deal with a number of health problems, look no further than juniper berries! As one of the oldest European remedies, these little berries offer amazing health benefits.

Bonus: Gin was originally made from Juniper berries, and the name “gin” comes from the Dutch word for the berries.

Here are the primary health benefits of juniper berries:

  • Treat UTIs — Juniper berries contain special compounds that serve as a urinary antiseptic, meaning they can kill off infections and bacteria in the urinary tract. For those with urinary tract infections, they are an interesting remedy to try.
  • Act as a stimulant –– One of the reasons gin was used as an old herbal remedy was due to the fact that it helped to stimulate and boost the energy of those drinking it. The compounds in Juniper berries act as a stimulant, albeit a mild one.
  • Flush your body –– Thanks to the diuretic properties of Juniper berries, you can flush toxins out of your body. A “diuretic” is something that helps you to urinate, and your urine is where your body stores most of the toxins ready to be eliminated.
  • Aid in digestion –– If you’ve got stomach problems, it may be time to take some Juniper berries! Drinking Juniper berry juice is a good way to aid in digestion, as the chemicals in the berries serve as a digestive tonic. It’s one reason martinis are one of the most popular aperitifs.
  • Speed up wound healing —  Crushing Juniper berries and applying the pulp to wounds can not only help to serve as an antiseptic, but can actually speed up the healing process. This is due to the high Vitamin C content of the berries, a vitamin which is necessary for skin health.

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  • Treat a variety of ailments –– Why Juniper berries can help to treat ailments like rheumatoid arthritis, cystitis, and catarrh is unknown, but suffice it to say that these berries can make a difference if you suffer from these disorders.
  • Reduce joint pain — Many Medieval arthritis sufferers would crush Juniper berries and brew them into a tea. Applying the tea to arthritic joints has been proven to help reduce the pain and inflammation in the joints, thanks to the natural anti-inflammatory properties of the tea.
  • Improve oral health –– Using Juniper berries as an essential oil is a good way to improve your oral health. Not only can the berries reduce the pain of toothaches and infections, but they can deal with gum infections as well. The oil can even strengthen your gums, reducing your risk of infections in the future.
  • Reduce gas –– Juniper berries have a carminative effect, meaning they can help to prevent or  reduce the presence of gas in the stomach and intestines. For those with flatulence problems, these berries can be a godsend!
  • Slow hair loss — Thanks to the amazing nutritional properties of Juniper berries, you can prevent or slow hair loss. Washing your hair with a tea made from Juniper berries will provide your scalp and follicles with important nutrients, which will nourish and strengthen your hair.
  • Promote weight loss –– Juniper berries may even be a useful weight loss remedy, thanks to the fact that they help to flush waste from your body, promote sweating, and stimulate your organs to work better.

Wow! Pretty amazing what this little berry can do, right? If you want an amazing remedy for all sorts of ailments, it’s definitely a good idea to consider Juniper berries!


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