Cardamom Benefits for Cleansing (+9 Other Benefits)

Make way, ginger — cardamom benefits comin’ through!

This Indian super-spice is not only abundant in flavor, but incredibly dense in nutritional value.

Also native to Pakistan, Nepal, and Bhutan, cardamom is best-known for its “cleansing” properties; superficially, it is very nourishing to the mouth, as it cleans teeth and freshens the breath — which is why Eastern cultures often chew on cardamom “pods” after eating.

Internally, cardamom is a powerful agent used in detoxes, as it aids in digestion and eliminates salt, chemical, and toxic waste through the kidneys.

Cardamom’s benefits go beyond, too! Here are nine (of the many more) benefits of this supa spice:

1. It fights depression. Cardamom is a key ingredient used in stress-relief tea blends, as well as spa baths for its calming properties.

2. It’s rich in Vitamin C. Vitamin C is essential for healthy, glowing skin and a strong immune system. Thus, Cardamom’s dense nutrient source helps the body achieve both.

3. It’s anti-inflammatory. Cardamom, especially in Eastern cultures, is frequently used to treat inflamed skin conditions, as well as other inflammatory conditions.

4. It’s great for your hair. Cardamom’s chemical components are supposedly soothing to the scalp and enriching to hair follicles.

5. It’s anti-bacterial. Cardamom is a wonderful herbal “medicine” for preventing and treating bacterial, viral, and fungal infections.

6. It’s an aphrodisiac. Cardamom has been used in traditional medicinal practices to treat erectile dysfunction and impotency.

7. It promotes healthy blood pressure. Cardamom is shown to lower blood pressure.

8. It’s potentially cancer-killing. Cardamom has been tested on animals for its claimed cancer-healing properties, and, according to, has shown to stop cancer-cell growth and even rid some forms of cancer, entirely.

9. It beats the belly bloat. Cardamom facilitates digestion and thus, reduces bloating and gas.



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