Five Weird Health Risks of Flying

health risks of flying
Written by Gary

Did you know flying can effect your body and health in strange ways?

health risks of flying

I have always felt a little strange when flying. First off, resigning myself to a higher power and accepting that if that hunk of metal barreling through the sky wants to fall out, there is absolutely nothing I can do about it. Secondly, being crammed with a bunch of strangers on their way to a million different destinations is always a little strange from a psychological standpoint. I have recently discovered that flying actually has strange effects on your body as well. Here are five strange things that can happen to your body when you fly:

You risk blood clots in your legs. Sitting for prolonged amounts of time causes the blood in your legs to pool, and coupled with the dryness in the air can cause deadly blood clots in your legs called deep vein thrombosis. So make sure you get up and walk around every 30 minutes, seat belt sign be damned.

You risk catching a cold. The probability of you getting sick while flying is 100 times higher than when you are on the ground because of all the people you are confined with. Make sure you pack hand sanitizer in your carry on, ladies.

You risk radiation from space. Every time you fly, you are zapped with a  tiny amount of radiation from space because of sub-atomic space particles reacting with the Earth’s atmosphere and raining down on us. You shouldn’t fret though, the radiation isn’t harmful, otherwise pilots would be falling from the sky too.

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You risk farting, loudly. Spending time in a pressurized cabin causes gas in your intestines to expand, leading to stomache bloat and farting. I probably don’t need to tell you this happens, I have a feeling you already know.

You risk dry, scaly skin. Everyone knows that flying causes dry skin, but did you know that those travel mists actually have a negative effect? Dry cabin air requires moisture, so any time you spray your face with a mister, the air sucks it right out and evaporates it, leaving your skin dryer and tighter than before. If you are looking for a solution, use a moisturizer, and make sure it has a little SPF for those cosmic radiation particles.

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