A Luxury Hotel Jet in the Sky

four seasons jet
Written by Gary

The Four Seasons is taking to the skies with a branded luxury hotel jet.

four seasons jet

The most luxurious plane ride I have ever taken was on my recent trip to London, and quite honestly, I was just happy to receive a complimentary sleeping mask. Even in business class the food and drink aren’t usually impressive when compared to land-available food. Another beast entirely however, is the Four Seasons Private Jet, slated to take its first trip in 2016.

The hotel jet aims to take the luxury of the hotel brand and translate it to the air, then combine it with luxury world trips. The next trip costs $132,000 and takes 52 passengers on a 24 day world tour of Los Angeles-Kona-Bora, Bora-Sydney-Bali-Chiang, Mai-Mumbia-Prague, and London. This is including stays at Four Seasons properties, meals, drinks, and private adventures.

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The plane itself is a Boeing 757, and contains Italian leather lie-flat seats, Mongolian cashmere blankets, Bose headphones, endless Dom Perignon, as well as an executive chef, sous chef, guest services manager, and in-flight concierge.

The moral of the story is that, if you have it like that, the Four Seasons Jet is pretty much the epitome of luxury in the skies.

For now I will just enjoy my complimentary cheese plate from Virgin. Someday, however…

four seasons jet

four seasons jet

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