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12 Gifts for New Parents They’ll Actually Use

We rounded up 12 of the best gifts for new parents they’ll actually use so you know you’re not just throwing your money away. (Slideshow)

If you have a new mom or dad in your life there’s a good chance they need a ton of stuff. Sure, they probably already scored the big items like a crib and carseat, but there are about a million other things they’ll need to raise that cute nugget from zero to college, and for themselves to keep them sane and functioning. We put together our top 12 picks at just about every price point so you’ll know you’re picking a winner.

This whale shaped baby bathtub for $30.

Sure, it looks like a cutesy whale bathtub that any little one would love to be in — but it’s a space and sanity saver for moms and dads. Veteran parents know that switching baby tubs out for every age and stage is a huge pain in the diaper, which is exactly why this one is so clever. It features the easiest little system to convert it all the way from newborn-ready to toddler fun.

convertible baby bathtub

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