Five Horrifying Deep Sea Creatures

deep sea creatures
Written by Gary

I hope you never encounter any of these terrifying deep sea creatures.

deep sea creatures

The giant isopod, a carnivorous crustacean.

I am a great lover of the show Planet Earth. Even though I have only seen a small portion of it, I love discovering all the amazing things that exist all over the planet, especially in the ocean. What I don’t love (although I am secretly fascinated by it) are all the disgusting, ungodly, alien-like sea creatures that live deep at the bottom of the oceans. Not only are these creatures scary, but most of them are deadly. They also live so deep in the ocean that there is literally no light, so they could kill you without you even knowing.

I consider it a really good thing that I don’t live at the bottom of the ocean, and these creatures are reason enough to keep me away forever.

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deep sea creatures

The Fangtooth, also known as the Ogrefish.

deep sea creatures

The Anglerfish, also known as the fish that nearly killed Nemo.

deep sea creatures

The Vampire Squid, with the ability to turn completely invisible.

deep sea creatures

The Long-nosed Chimera, also known as the ghost shark.

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