Two Year Old DJ Takes South Africa by Storm

2 year old dj
Written by Gary

Even though he can’t talk yet, a two year old DJ named AJ is taking over the world of disco jockeys.

2 year old dj

Oratilwe Hlongwane, also called DJ AJ, is a two year old DJ from South Africa, living in Johannesburg. He is so good at being a DJ he is already booking paid gigs, which is already better than that boyfriend you used to have for a minute a few years ago. DJ AJ’s career started when his father bought him an iPad before he was born planning to get a jump start on his education. The infant immediately took to his father’s favorite DJ-ing app and quickly learned how to master the console like a pro.

This incredible two year old DJ/musical prodigy has booked special appearances and sponsorship deals, and has 30,000 followers on Facebook as a result of a viral video his parents created.

At two years I was still shitting my pants, sucking my thumb, and drinking Smirnoff Ice like any other toddler from the Deep South. I can only imagine what he will be capable of when he gets older.

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2 year old dj

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