Hot Dress + Cheezy Levy = ???

Written by Bryce

It was an epic night.  I started at Marquee at the Ronald McDonald House charity event that my lovely new gal pal Jen was throwing.  Although my date was the most fabulous gay man in all of New York City, I managed to find myself in the thick of unusual reality TV stars, social climbers, and some wonderfully generous charity-goers.

I showed up in one of my fave new Yoana Baraschi dresses (she’s my dress hero), and walked the red carpet with “Cheezy” Levy (you recognize him from a variety of bizarro VH1 reality shows).  The party was great and the silent auctions raised thousands and thousands of dollars for this noble cause.  I should’ve known that the night was about to get ESPECIALLY weird though… I could just feel it in the air.

Matt "Cheezy" Levy, Me, Jeremy Levy

Matt "Cheezy" Levy, Me, Jeremy Levy

2 cocktails later at the next charity event, Revel, I met up with another fabulous gay friend.  Don’t ask me how, but we ended up making out in a crowd of gorgeous men.  That’s right.  I made out with a gay man.  And since I was breaking my rules, it didn’t matter that he wasn’t Jewish.  All in the name of charity.

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