How Models Celebrate the End of Fashion Week

Marchesa model
Written by emilyc

Fashion Week is finally over. Some of us are rejoicing, some breathing a sigh of relief, and some (namely, models) are just losing it. Between the hectic nature of back-to-back shows, the months without solid food combined with those long, exhausting walks down the runway, I understand why a model might have a Black Swan meltdown on the subway.

Marchesa model

I witnessed one of those meltdowns yesterday. I sat across from a distinctly skeletal girl (one of those obvious models) with dark lipstick wearing all black on the R train. I was already a little scared (plus it was September 11th). Then I noticed she had a look on her face like she was going to burst into tears at any moment or like she had just seen something terrifying (Karl Lagerfeld up close, perhaps?). Now I was more scared. Was she a terrorist? Then she started to violently rip out her little black hair extensions and throw them onto the floor in a horror film-esque pile, the whole time looking so sad and scared and taking dramatic deep breaths. This went on for about 9 stops on the train. Now, I’ve seen people painted completely gold with matching gold shopping carts on the subway acting like it’s just another day in the neighborhood, and I’ve seen people screaming nonsensical things, but this was just bizarre. I guess you have to expect that kind of behavior from someone who’s been on a juice cleanse for the past 2 months.

The best part about this story is that later that night, I was perusing the slideshows of the latest shows on, and found Troubled Subway Model in the Marchesa slideshow.

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