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How to Get Gorgeous Lips for Summer

Written by emilyc

Winter lips are like, eh whatever – they can be disguised by the darkest lipsticks money can buy. Summer lips, on the other hand, have nowhere to hide. In the winter, it’s all smoke and mirrors, but in the summer, it’s all glosses and sunshine. Since it’s almost lip bikini season, here are some tips that will help your pout be the prettiest it can be – not to mention the least sun damaged.


Lips have no melanin, which makes them more susceptible to sun damage cause by UV exposure. UV rays can impede collagen production and lead to wrinkles around the lips! *Gasp* It’ll make you look older, and unless you’re 17, nobody wants that, so make sure any lip products you’re using contain a hearty dose of SPF.

UV rays can also lead to problems that are even more serious than wrinkles, such as lip cancer. Women have a lower risk of developing lip cancer than men thanks to our frequent application of lip products. The more you apply, the lower your risk, so lipstick essentially saves lives. Warn the men in your life, though – tell them, “Real mean wear SPF lip balm.”

Another way to protect your lips from UV rays and keep them looking collagen’d up and stunning is to constantly drink water (it’s excellent for all of your skin, too).

Need an extra boost for your pout but feel like you’re going to pass out at the thought of lip injections? Try Kaplan MD Lip 20 Mask – it’ll exfoliate, plump your lip contour, and make you lips as luscious as Amanda Lepore’s in a much more human, natural, aesthetically pleasing, and much less frightening way – sans needle. Go get yourself some lush lips here.

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