How to Lose Water Weight (it’s easier than you think)

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Gaining water weight fast is an occasionally normal symptom that just about every girl faces at some point in her life. Whether it’s caused by dietary issues, inflammation, surgery, pregnancy, or a host of other factors, getting rid of it doesn’t usually require a ton of pills or weird treatments.

How to Lose Water Weight 101:

“Every system in the body needs and uses water.  Proper digestion, transportation of nutrients and vitamins, and electrolyte balance all require adequate hydration.  Water helps to flush out toxins and waste products that could be slowing down our metabolism and detoxification system.  Water also helps prevent constipation which can occur when introducing healthy high fiber foods in our diet.  Since water plays an important role in all of our body systems it’s easy to see that proper hydration is essential for long term weight loss,” says Nicole Moretta MS, Dietitian/Nutritionist at the Biggest Loser Resort Niagara.

But wait, water is the solution for getting rid of water weight? Research and experts often suggest drinking more as a way to help flush the body of what it simply doesn’t need.

“One easy way to determine how much water you need is by taking half your body weight (pounds) in ounces.  Example: If you weigh 150lbs. then you should at least have 75oz of water. (150/2).  You will need even more than this when you are sweating more than usual.”

Amy Gorin, nutrition expert in the New York City area and contributor blogger, agrees and suggests research backs up the claim.

“Limited research shows a weight-loss benefit of drinking water prior to eating a meal. In one study by Virginia Tech researchers, middle-age and older overweight or obese adults were given either instructions to consume about two cups of water before their meals or to drink water at their discretion. All subjects were placed on a reduced-calorie diet. Over three months, the water drinkers lost about 4 pounds more than those not instructed to drink water before meals. Note that these results haven’t been repeated in a younger population and if someone is already drinking water before or with a meal, increasing the amount of water consumed at these times may not show a benefit.”

Moral of the story? Water is king, so pour yourself an extra glass or two.

It seems adding more water helps trim the waist of both fat and retained water.

“Often, the body holds onto extra fluids to protect itself from dehydration. You may decrease bloat by drinking extra water. Drinking the recommended amount of water daily (see below for amounts) can help decrease and prevent bloat.”

Amy sees fast improvement in people who add several ounces a day to their diets.

“If someone is dehydrated and begins drinking water to stay hydrated, they’ll likely feel less fatigued very soon—and this may help someone focus on healthy eating. If someone hasn’t already been drinking water before/with their meals, doing so may help weight loss–but water would need to be included at mealtime consistently and in a large enough amount (at least 2 cups) to show a benefit.”

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