How to Love Yourself, By DVF & Kanye West

diane von furstenberg quote
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We were all teens once; thus, we know that loving ourselves isn’t easy. We all had (or still have) those Mean Girls moments in front of the mirror when we complain about our pores or how our eyelashes aren’t long enough or how we’re unhappy with our tooth-to-gum ratio, also known as T2G ratio. In order to develop a better relationship with ourselves, let’s turn to the experts for advice:

diane von furstenberg quote

If there’s anyone who knows a thing or two about confidence, it’s an infinitely successful fashion designer who lives in a glass dome above her own store in the hippest district in Manhattan. Good point, Diane. We’ll always be with ourselves. Who knew?

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Why would we listen to what Kanye West has to say about having a good relationship with yourself? Because there is probably scientific evidence that proves that he loves himself more than anyone else ever. Sorry, Kim and unborn child. If Kanye keeps saying such Aristotle-esque things, how is Kim ever going to understand him? Ah well, I guess everything we’re not makes us everything we are.

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