Marriage Problems That Can Be Solved With A Big Penis

big penis husband
Written by Gary

When choosing a husband, there are certain things that we must consider. Nobody wants a husband that has a drug problem, blacks your eyes on occasion, or sleeps with your 19-year-old neighbor. There are smaller problems that will arise with any marriage, however. For the life’s smaller issues and following reasons, you should choose a man with a big penis:

big penis husband

Does your husband hate spooning? I bet his dick doesn’t. No body pillows necessary.

When you run out of tampons, you always have a backup. A wine cork-sized cock probably won’t do the job.

Should you ever find your house being burgled, he won’t need a baseball bat.

Goodbye overflowing toilets! He can take a break from plunging your lady-bits and plunge the toilet once in a while.

If you get stranded on the side of the road and he doesn’t know how to change a tire, you will have no problem hailing down a passing car. Nobody would stop for a thumb-sized weiner.

Have several children but no back yard? No problem! Hang a tire swing from his dick. He always said he wanted to try swinging, anyway.

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  • I have to say that being married to a man with a long / big penis is simply wonderful! He is considered to be well endowed at 23 cm’s ( 9 In.) which makes me a very proud & happy woman is all I can say!

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